Carrot Cakes

This cake is comprised of incredibly moist layers created purely from garden-fresh carrots, peeled and ground! There are no nuts or raisins in our cake. Frosted with our extra-ordinary cream cheese frosting this cake will leave a lasting impression! (Don't be surprised if you dream about it… lots of people do!!)  Decorated in the holiday season with holly berries.

Carrot Cake Line Sizes, Servings, Prices:

Size Servings Pricing
5 × 7″ tin 4–6 single layer $9.95
5″ round 4–5 double layer $14.50
7″ round 6–8 double layer $23.50
8″ round 10–12 double layer $27.95
10″ round 16–24 double layer $38.95
¼ sheet 12–15 single layer $22.50
½ sheet 25–30 single layer $38.50
Bouquet Box 8–10 single layer $22.50

Also come in a good sized cupcake for $2.75 each.

We stock all sizes of our carrot cakes, except for the quarter- and half-sheets, in our store at all times. Please call ahead to arrange for a quarter- or half-sheet.

See our special occasion cakes for additional sizes and shapes!