Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best way to cut cheesecake?
A. We prefer fishing line (preferably not pre-enjoyed) over dental floss (which unfortunately comes in flavors – which can ruin a cake!). It creates a clean cut as it runs through the cake and you don't lose any cheesecake on the knife! We always have it available for you at the shop! Simply push the line down through the center and pull it out the side. Turn the cake slightly (based on the size pieces you'd like) and push it down through again… pull it out the side… Once you've got the hang of it you can impress your friends and family!! It's easier than it looks :)

Q. Do I need to pre-order?
A. No. and Yes. We do keep a wide variety of size and flavors available. Contact us to check availability. For 100% certainty that we will have your cake, a one week notice is great!

Q. Where can I park when I visit your store?
A. Anywhere except the sidewalks, in front of someone's driveway or within 3 feet of a fire hydrant! There is plenty of on-street parking on all sides of the building. There's no need to rush, this neighborhood loves visitors.

Q. Can we freeze these cakes?
A. You bet you can! We actually ship our cheesecakes all over the country… and our customers take them farther than that! All of our cakes freeze and thaw beautifully. Try it – You'll be amazed! The key is wrapping it up as air tight as possible if it will be in the freezer for any length of time.