Miniatures, Tarts and Cookies

Apple Caramel Tart - Our buttery Shortbread Crust filled with homemade caramel and apples that have been sauteed in brandy and cinnamon.  Topped with streusel, and baked to perfection! 

Size Servings Price
11" 13-15 servings $30.95
Slices Single $3.95

Muddy Bottom Tart – Always surprises! A made-from-scratch shortbread crust painted with chocolate, filled with nuts and homemade caramel, with a drizzle of chocolate. A scrumptiously versatile treat that is enjoyable with morning coffee or evening dessert with a scoop of ice cream!

Size Servings Price
8"   6–8 servings $17.95 
10"   10–12 servings $27.95
Bars Single $3.50

Assorted Miniature Dessert Options

Cheesy Eddie's assorted miniature dessert options come in all shapes and sizes.

Standardized options include:: 

  • Mini Cheesecake – Original, Chocolate, Key Lime, Raspberry
  • Mini Carrot Cake
  • Mini Peanut Butter Blossom
  • Peanut Butter Ganache Brownies
  • Mini Jillian's Delights
  • Cheesy Brownie
  • Fudgy Brownie
  • Muddy Bottom
  • Peanut Butter Ganache Brownie

Trayed with domed cover for easy stacking in refrigeration or freezer.

  • 9" tray (20 pieces) serves 8-10 for $28. 
  • 12" tray (30 pieces) serves 12-15 for $42.
  • 14" tray (42 pieces) serves 19-21 for $58.50.
  • 16" tray (56 pieces) serves 25-28 for $78.40.
  • 18" tray (75 pieces) serves 34-37 for $105.

Jillian's Delights – Two chewy Oatmeal cookies, brought together with a layer of our famous cream cheese frosting! (A match made in heaven.)

Jack's -  Speaking of a match made in heaven... Get it?  Jacks-&-Jills...  These are two Chocolate Chip cookies with the cream cheese frosting in the middle!                                                                                                  Jack'sJacks & Jills

Size  Servings Pricing
Large Could serve 2! $5.25
Small Just right for 1 $2.75
Mini Bite-sized! $1.25


Brownies – The classic chocolate lover's dessert! At Cheesy Eddie's, brownies come in variety! Cheesy Brownies are thick chocolate brownies with a layer of cheesecake over the top. Fudgy Brownies are strictly chocolate, thick and chewy.  They are sold individually for $1.65 or in a ½ sheet for $37.50

Cookies – Baked with only butter, our cookies remind you of grandma's house! Our kitchen is a No Shortening Zone! Oversized Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Double Chip, Chewy Oatmeal, and Oatmeal Raisin. $1.75 each.

Lemon Bars – Not too tart and not too sweet, this lemon filled treat is a wonderful balance of both. $1.65 each.

Peanut Butter Blossom – A Chocolate cookie crumb crust with peanut butter and cream cheese mousse. $5.25 each.

Chocolate Ganache Brownie - Our fudgy brownie with a layer of ganache and a layer of Peanut Butter Cream Cheese frosting $3.50

Cheesecake Blossoms - Our rich creamy cheesecake in the shape of a cupcake.  Available in 3 different flavors, (Original Vanilla, Chocolate, & Key Lime). $5.25

Russian Tea Cakes – A dainty delight. Shortbread with nuts, rolled in confectioner's sugar.  $.65 ea